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Prince Fields

Co-owner | Master Barber

Assistant Instructor | Bayliss Educator

Fourteen years ago I started my journey in the hair industry. I was eager to become an exceptionally well-rounded hairstylist. Little by little,  I've built a brand, opened. my own shop, and have accomplished one of my biggest goals of becoming a platform artist for Babyliss Pro for Barbers. Educating others, that are like minded and eager to learn, has always been a passion of mine. This is what has driven. me to open my own barber school with my business partner, cousin, and friend, Alex Fields. Thus, offering promising barbers and barber educators opportunities to achieve their dreams and reach their goals. Here at Prince's Barber Academy our mission is to improve people's lives through education, dedication and hard work.
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Alex Fields

Co-owner | Facility Coordinator
Honesty, integrity, grit, and hard work and the four core values that have led me through life. These credences are the reason I am proudly able to call myself co-owner of Prince's Barber Academy and entrepreneur. Using these four basic principles to guide our students will help them rise to the top of their game, not only as a barber but in all aspects of life.
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Travis Campbell

Administrative Director
At the age of 14, I started working. From the very beginning, I've been internally motivated and task driven. Numerous times I have failed, but from each failure has come strength, wisdom, and fortitude. I am the man I am today because giving up was never an option. The privilege has been awarded to me to be Administrative Director of Prince's Barber Academy. My position at Prince's Barber Academy will empower me to show others how to persevere  through hardships and adversity, and most importantly how hard work will always lead to success.
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Yolanda Long

Director of Education
As a dual licensed educator for over 20 years and a former salon owner, my passion is education and educating others. My specialty is hair cutting and I look forward to bringing my expertise and 

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