Prince’s Barber Academy began operations in January 2021. We aim to ensure each student, instructor, and employee achieves their professional goals. We believe hard work, character, giving back, and professionalism creates elite learning opportunities for all. These opportunities allow our team to be a part of a movement that fosters a love of knowledge, success, and motivation. 


Prince’s Barber Academy’s mission will be accomplished through the following performance objectives: 

• Improvement of institutional effectiveness through assessment of student achievement and performance. 

• Employing a faculty of adequate size qualified by preparation, education or experience to carry out the educational objectives of the institution. 

• Maintaining effective methods of organization and administration appropriate to the educational programs offered. 

• Uniformly administering fair and equitable admissions policies. 

• Providing a program of support services including academic advising to students and employment assistance. 

• Offering well-organized courses of study designed to prepare graduates for licensing examinations and employment using both theoretical knowledge and skill development. 

• Maintaining a sound financial condition using qualified financial management. 

• Providing equipment, instructional space and other facilities to meet instructional needs and professional standards for safety and hygiene. 

• Using systematic student evaluation to assist student learning and satisfactory student achievement.


  • Professionalism 

  • Non Discriminatory Practices

  • Barbering at its Best 

  • Rigor & Excellence

  • Barbershop Management

  • Photography/Videography Instruction: 
    Photo & Video Documentation of Work

  • Social Media Professionalism:
    Professionally Utilizing Social Media as a Means
    of Promoting Personal Brand

  • Character Building Through Community Outreach

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